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Welcome to Cannabusiness Attorneys

This is the oldest and most effective place for Cannabis Entrepreneurs to find the legal help they need. CBA connects cannabis business owners and hopefuls to the most fitting Cannabis Attorney near them.

Our Featured Attorneys

Our Personal Top Picks in the Cannabis Industry

Robert Hoban

Hoban & Feola, LLC
Denver, Colorado

David Kotler

Cohen Kotler P.A.
West Palm Beach, Florida

Pamela Epstein

Green Wise Consulting
Scottsdale, Arizona

Jason Klein

Law Office of Jason Klein
Washington, DC

Lauren Rudick

Hiller, PC
Manhattan, New York


Q. How do I go about choosing a lawyer?

A. Start with some basic questions that can help:
What experience does the lawyer have with the type of work you want done?
How long have they been in practice?
What percentage of their work is dedicated to what you need help with?
Assuming it is cannabis related.

Q. If I want to start a cannabis business in a state that is soon going to pass regulations relating to legal cannabis, how early it too early to start?

A. This is really a function of risk. Do you risk too much time and money chasing down aspects of the business that may not come to fruition in your jurisdiction.

Q. I have a medical card in my home state, can I travel and take my medicine with me?

A. No. Even if you have a card or permission to medicate in one state you may not travel across state lines with a controlled substance. You may be able to purchase your medicine in states that have reciprocity, which for the time being is Nevada with some discussion of Hawaii having reciprocity as well.

Attorney Bob Hoban welcomes you to CannaBusiness Attorneys

Press play for an introduction to Cannabusiness Attorneys, by one of the Founders, Bob Hoban. Thank you for taking the time to listen!


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