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Attestation Policy:

High level professional legal services are a necessity in order for the burgeoning cannabis industry to thrive and survive. Thus, it is the mission of Cannabusinessattorneys.com to link elite, ethical, advanced, and experienced attorneys with cannabis industry businesses. In order to ensure this mission, Applicant Attorney hereby attests/certifies the following:

1. That he/she has substantial experience in and is competent to practice law in the legal practice area(s) put forth by Applicant Attorney; and,
2. That he/she maintains bar licensure in good standing; and,
3. That he/she will strictly construe the applicable rules of professional conduct in all respects, including but not limited to those governing conflicts of interest; and,
4. That he/she has not had any negative treatment against his/her bar license in the state(s) in which he/she practices, and/or has not been the subject of ethical or disciplinary action concerning his/her bar licensure in their state/states of admission; and,
5. That he/she has never been denied admission to a state bar or had his/her bar membership revoked in any state(s); and,

Cannabusinessattorneys.com reserves the right to remove Applicant Attorney’s listing from the website in the event that it discovers that Applicant Attorney has misrepresented any of the foregoing, or if facts later reveal a concern regarding the same.