is off to an incredible start. We’ve had over 100 attorneys sign up and get on board during the first week after our website launch!

It’s great to see lawyers across the country putting themselves in position to consult cannabis entrepreneurs as they navigate through this vibrant young industry. Our goal is to create an interconnected network of marijuana professionals, and we’re well on our way. was launched by three cannabis industry experts: attorneys David Kotler and Robert Hoban, along with Celeste Miranda, owner of The Cannabis Marketing Lab and a force to be reckoned with in the world of marijuana marketing. The three of us want to help cannabis attorneys reach the right audience, and assist cannabis entrepreneurs in obtaining the best legal advice to launch a successful business venture. It’s that simple.

Attorneys who sign up as a partner get free exposure to a wide and growing audience of fledgling cannabis industry business owners. It’s an incredible forum to share your knowledge of the business and connect with local entrepreneurs in need of help. All of our attorneys are welcome to blog at any time on our website and put their expertise on display for any interested parties to see.

Entrepreneurs starting marijuana-related business ventures can seek out the advice they need to get things moving at any point in their journey. will soon be the go-to resource for anyone with questions about the business and an indispensable tool for those looking to get ahead.

Head over to and find out more about how you can use our service to your advantage. You won’t regret it.