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This is the oldest and most effective place for Cannabis Entrepreneurs to find the legal help they need. CBA connects cannabis business owners and hopefuls to the most fitting Cannabis Attorney near them.

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Our Personal Top Picks in the Cannabis Industry

Robert Hoban

Hoban & Feola, LLC
Denver, Colorado

David Kotler

Cohen Kotler P.A.
West Palm Beach, Florida

Pamela Epstein

Green Wise Consulting
Scottsdale, Arizona

Jason Klein

Law Office of Jason Klein
Washington, DC

Lauren Rudick

Hiller, PC
Manhattan, New York


Q. How do I go about choosing a lawyer?

A. First, there is no such thing as a cannabis lawyer. There are lawyers who bring existing practice areas to the cannabis sector. In choosing a lawyer for cannabis related issues, it is important that you choose a lawyer with knowledge of the areas you seek and has exercised that knowledge in or can exercise it in the cannabis space incorporating some of the nuances specific to the cannabis industry. Once that potential person is located (you don’t want your criminal lawyer doing cannabis M&A) the normal questions can be asked, i.e. how long have they been practicing, have they had experience with the matters that you need help with etc.

Q. If I want to start a cannabis business in a newly regulated state, how early should I start?

A. It is never too early. Time is your friend in a new state. It will allow you to source property if necessary (property is king), do an in depth business plan, find talent to assist before others do.

Q. I want to get into the cannabis business in another state, is a lawyer a good place to start?

A. Probably the best. An attorney in the cannabis industry will help assess legality, requirements, and ease of entry better than most “consultants”. Sometime a bigger factor is often due to networking constant education, attorneys may know of opportunities or potential sweet spots unavailable to others.

Attorney Bob Hoban welcomes you to CannaBusiness Attorneys

Press play for an introduction to Cannabusiness Attorneys, by one of the Founders, Bob Hoban. Thank you for taking the time to listen!


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