Robert Carp

Jason Klein

Attorney at Law, Law Office of Jason Klein
Washington, DC

We are full service boutique law firm with a specialty area in cannabis law and all of its underlying aspects. We can help your business enter the marketplace either by application or acquisition, and we are familiar with the cannabis laws in all states.

The principal of the firm, Robert Carp, is the author of the “Marijuana Business Operations Guidebook”, a 340 page book that provides all of the information including a business plan for anyone to get into the business. Every part of any state’s application can be created using the contents, and the 40 page business plan included in the book has been successfully used to help launch a number of firms.

One of our specialties is creating the correct corporate structure to minimize issues with IRS 280E, and for other tax savings. Mr. Carp lectures around the country on IRS 280E, and has a book coming out on it in approximately eight weeks.

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